Welcome to the home of Richards Racing!  We will be using this page to highlight the results of
our driver, Damon Richards, piloting the #67 Pontiac Grand Prix IMCA Stock Car "Charger
Chassis house car".  

Charger Chassis, Rising City

Demon Decals, Rising City

Distar Industries, Columbus

Richards Metal Fab, Rising City

Hartman Repair, David City

Lassek Electric, Shelby


Name:  Damon Richards
Wife:  Ashley
Son:  Mallik
B-day: April 18, 1992
Height: 6' 3"
Owner: Demon Decals

Wins                        0
Top 4                      1
Top 10                    6
Points                     8th

Wins                          0
Top 4                        0
Top 10                      2

Heat Race Wins        2
Feature Wins             0
Top 4                          1
Top 10                        5
Points                        10th

Heat Race Wins         2
Feature Wins             0
Top 4                          3
Top 10                        5

Heat Race Wins        1
Feature Wins             1
Top 4                          4
Top 10                        7

Heat Race Wins        1
Feature Wins             3
Top 4                          3
Top 10                        6
IMCA SuperNationals

Heat Race Wins        2
Feature Wins            0
Top 4                          1
Top 10                        3

Heat Race Wins         2
Feature Wins             1   
Top 4                          2
Top 10                        7

Heat Race Wins
Feature Wins             1
Top 4                          2      
Top 10                        3

Heat Race Wins        2
Feature Wins             1  
Top 4                          3
Top 10                        5

Heat Race Wins        26
Feature Wins            10
Top 4                          32
Top 10                        45

Heat Race Wins          2
Feature Wins              2      
Top 4                           11
Top 10                         16
* * * * * * * * * * * * *
(Stock Car)
Heat Race Wins         1
Feature Wins
Top 4                           1
Top 10                        3

(Stock Car)
Heat Race Wins        9
Feature Wins            5
Top 4                         12
Top 10                       22
4/1/18:  Sorry for the lack of updates...been crazy busy here!  
We've only got one show in so far.  We went to Beatrice Spring
Nationals on March 9-10th.  Damon got the win in his heat
Friday, then was passing for 4th in the A, and got dirtied up, lost
the RF tire.  Saturday we had a RF brake line rupture in the
heat.  Started last in the B, got to 4th, but the top 3 had checked
out, not enough time left to run them down.  

Since US30 is still a question mark, we plan to race at Beatrice
on Fridays, OffRoad on Saturdays, then most likely Lexington on

4/15/18:  We got a very slight break in the carryover winter
weather, and ventured off to I-80.  Car was a bit tight in the heat,
ran 5th.  Lined up 9th for the A, was looking good and going
forward...til a car parked it sideways in the middle of 1 & 2.  
Damon almost cleared the car til it came down the track.  As
Damon and the other car got together, another car plowed into
us in the LR.  Mostly cosmetic damage, but we decided to park it
for the night to assess all the damage.

4/30/18:  We decided to head north to Off Road Speedway for
their season opener.  Despite never driving the track before,
Damon won his heat by nearly a straightaway.  He redrew 4th for
the A.  He took his time, getting the track figured out, then took
the lead about 3/4 of the way through, and added distance to his
lead, giving Charger Chassis' Stock Car program our first
feature win!  

5/7/18:  We went to Beatrice for their season opener.  Had a
strong run going in the A until we had an ignition issue that
caused a DNF.  We headed back to OffRoad on Saturday.  The
ignition problem came back in the heat race.  Got it fixed finally
for the A.  Started 14th, finished 10th.  Kind of a hammer down,
mostly tacky track, really hard to gain anything.  Still really
pleased with how the new car is working!

5/28/18:  After rainouts the past 2 weekends, we finally got back
to racing at US30's opening night.  An early tangle with another
car got us sent to the back, finished 10th.  We missed the rest
of the long weekend due to Damon being sick.  His health is
much more important, hopefully he's ready to climb back in this

6/4/18:  Damon is back to full strength, so we went to US30 and
OffRoad this weekend.  We're doing some shock tuning and the
results are showing the experimentation isn't working yet.  
Finished 8th at US30; but started 16th at OffRoad, and finished
7th.  So maybe we're gaining on it again.  

6/11/18:  US30 was a rainout Thursday.  Went back to Beatrice on
Friday.  Played with shocks a little more, and looked good.  Got a
strong 3rd in the "A".  Norfolk was a little tougher....was up to
5th, hit some water that was dumped on the track, restarted
12th, got back up to 5th.

6/18/18:  The car is fast, and Damon is getting much more
comfortable in the Stock Car!  We earned a pair of 2nds at US30
& Beatrice this weekend.  Norfolk unfortunately saw us just get
run over in the A, bending the left A frame, ball joint and tie

6/25/18:  US30 rained out last weekend.  Headed to Beatrice to
try to collect a bounty!  Damon was up to 3rd, when a strictly
racing incident while trying to pass the car that the bounty was
on got us into a tractor tire, damaging the radiator.  

7/2/18:  I'd say we're getting back into form!  Damon won the heat
and the Feature at US30 Thursday night!  Went to Beatrice
Friday...won the heat easily, but we apparently used up our tires
for the feature.  He jumped out to an early lead, then faded back
to 8th.  We'll get back to where we need to be!

7/9/18:  Schedule was all changed up with the 4th of July this
week.  We headed west to North Platte for a special.  Damon
won his heat on Friday, then won the King of the Hill!  Come
feature time, he started 9th, was passing for 4th, and a minor
tap sent him around.  Didn't bring out a yellow, and as late as it
was in the race, pulled off instead of using up more tire.  
Saturday we stayed in North Platte to run their regular show.  
Won his heat again, was going for 3rd in the A when a lap car
slid across the track.  Damon went high to miss him, got in the
powder, and spun.  Finished 10th.  We'll be back in action at
US30 the rest of the year, but that's probably it, except for an
odd special here and there.  Both Damon and I have a workload
that is piling up, so the racing is going to have to back off a bit
to stay caught up.

7/16/18:  The only race we got to attend this past weekend was
at US30 in Columbus.  Damon started 8th and collected win #3 of
the year!  

7/23/18:  Disappointing weekend.  Went to Beatrice Friday.  
While passing for the lead, we got dirtied up bad and got the RF
cut off.  Changed the tire, got dirtied up more by the same car,
got back up to a 5th place finish.  Sunday we went North to
Raceway Park.  Fun little track, but sort of hard to pass without
just taking a spot from somebody...and that just ain't our style.  
Brought home a 6th place finish with all the fenders still on the

7/30/18:  US30 Thursday night was decent for us: 4th in the A.  
Then we actually went back to Albion Friday...started 10th,
coming for the white flag in 3rd, passing for 2nd with the leader
within reach, and got run into again.  Damon hung onto it and
brought us home a 3rd place finish.

8/6/18:  We only raced once this past weekend.  Had a great run
at US30 Thursday night at the Steve Topil Memorial Race.  We
brought home a 2nd place finish to some guy that's won 7
National Championships in Stock Cars.... haha....we're almost
counting it as a win considering how dominant he's been in the
class the last few years.  

8/13/18:  Just one night in again this past weekend, but we made
it count!  Damon grabbed win #4 of the year at US30!

8/19/18:  US30 rained out, so we ventured back north to Albion
to work on a few more setup ideas.  Damon started 11th in the A,
and came across the line in 3rd.  Could have had 2nd pretty
easy, but didn't want to risk any chance of contact with a guy
running for the track title.  Hopefully the rain will back off & we
can get a few nights in this coming weekend!

8/27/18:  We only ran at US30 this week.  Won the heat, started
9th in the A.  Was up to 2nd, and we got our RF tire cut off.  
Changed it, restarted 16th, got back to 8th in 2 laps.  This
weekend we'll be at US30 Thursday, Marshalltown, IA on Friday,
Boone Saturday, then next week begins the IMCA

9/17/18:  Not a lot of great news from the last few weeks.  Boone
was, well...Boone.  A little bit of crappy luck and bad draws can
really hurt your chances.  The car was fast every day, just
couldn't get a break to go our way.  Last Thursday at US30,
started 9th in the A, ran door to door with the point leader the
entire race, which went non-stop green.  Ended up 6th at the
checkers.  This week is the last night of points, and we're in
2nd, 6 points out of the lead.  

10/1/18:  Our points battle at US30 is over, and we came up just a
bit short.  We beat the points champ in the final feature, but it
wasn't enough to get us the title.  We still can't be too
disappointed though...most people didn't think the Charger
Stock Car would even be competitive until this point in the
season, and here we were, fighting for a track championship,
and winning the most features at US30 in the Stock Car class.  
Nobody remembers who finished 2nd, but we're still pretty
happy with how far we've come in a very short time!

10/21/18:  Pretty sure the season is over now.   We went to I-80
this weekend to try our new half mile setup.  Had a rough first
heat, then ran 2nd in the second heat.  That lined us up 8th for
the Saturday A feature.  Damon drove it straight to the front,
collecting win #5 of the season!  
Photo by Matt Cade, Columbus Telegram

A shot of Damon leading his heat
race at US30 on August 19, 2010.
Damon & I with his monster check
for the first win at Eagle!